160 On-Camera LED Video Light

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160 LED Video Light is another super bright on-camera light. Equipped with 160 pure leds, the light is very versatile and brighter than many other larger led lights, with same size and quality as popular HDV-Z96. Both are from the same factory. 160 LED has it's own highlights compare to HDV-Z96: 

1. Super Bright: one 160 LED is brighter than  two HDV-Z96.

2. The cover is more durable and solid.  

3. Comes with barn doors to produce more lighting effect.

4. Good quality in very cheap price.  

5. Bi-Color version is available.

Super Bright 

LED 160 is a super bright LED with 160 individual LEDs, Pure Color Power LED bulbs, brighter than most On-Camera LED Panels. (Brighter than CN-160 and YongNuo YN-160)

Compact and Light-Weight 

The 160 LED Light is very compact which is nearly the same size as HDV-Z96. It's only 0.22KG, very portable. This unit is more compact and solid than most other 160 led lights.

Barn Doors

This 160 LED comes with barn doors which enable to product more lighting effect. It could be a protective cover when you don't use.

CRI above 85

We provide the real specification for our products. The 160 Light is in good CRI as a small on-camera light.

Magnetic Filter Plate

160 LED Camera Light has magnetic filter plates that simply attach to the front of the LED light. Magnetic Yellow Warming filter & Magnetic White Diffusion filter. The filters are made of Polymers, which are not easy to break. 

Flicker Free / Dimmable 0-100%

160 LED produces a flicker free light and has a rear facing dimmer knob that can be adjusted from 0% - 100%. 

Shoe Mount

 160 LED Panel comes with a swivel durable shoe mount adapter that is perfect for mounting on any DV or DSLR camera such as Canon 5D,7D. 

 Color Temperature  5600K (160A) / 3200~5600K (160AS)
 Color Rendering Index (Ra)  ≥85
 Illumination  1680Lux (160A) / 1560Lux (160AS)
 Beam Angle


 Operating Voltage  6~9V DC
 Power Variation  0-100%
 Power Supply Method

 Sony NP-F Series Batteries

 Dimension  14.5x 9.6x 5.2 cm (5.7 x 3.8 x 2")
 Net Weight(Led Light)      220g
Accessories included
 160 LED Video Light  1 PCS
 Diffusion Filter  1 PCS
 Tungster Filter  1 PCS (Included in 160A)
 Shoe Mount Adapter  1 PCS
 User Manual  1 PCS