47" Bi-Color LED Light Bar

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Key Features:

• CRI/TLCI: 95

• Color temperature adjustable from 3000K~5600K

• Built-in Battery

• Dimmable from 10%~100%, flicker-free

• Can link multi tubes to one larger and different shape lighting kit

• Can absorb in doors, windows, refrigerator, lamp holder and so on via magnet

 Color Balance  3000k ~5600k

 3000K: 727/0.5m, 256/m

 5600K: 1650/0.5m, 593/m

 LEDs  200pcs
 Beam Angle  65° 
 Power Draw  32W
 Working Voltage  DC 12V 2A, AC110V-230V
  Dimension  47.2 x 1.8 in (120 x 4.5 cm)
 Mounting Option  handheld / magnet
 Power built-in battery
 Light Weight  2.1 lbs (0.93kg)

Accessories included:

1x LB-32 LED Tube

1x power adapter

1x cable