Aputure Light Storm LS C300D II LED Head

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Changing the Game 

Two years ago, Aputure revolutionized the industry with the 300d, by creating a powerful and  compact LED fixture that could be modified easily. Filmmakers from around the world loved the  light’s capabilities, but we knew we could enhance the light even more. So we listened and  went back to the drawing board. Powered by user feedback, the new and improved 300d Mark  II is 20% brighter, more durable, more portable, and more intelligent than the original 300d.  Change the way you light. 

Even More Output 

By utilizing the latest in Aputure COB LED technology, the 300d Mark II outputs a whopping 20%  more light than its predecessor. When combined with the Fresnel 2X, the 300d Mark II can  produce up to 90,000 lux, approaching the luminance of a 575W HMI. And as always, the  5500K‐balanced 300d Mark II maintains impeccable color fidelity with CRI and TLCI ratings of  96+ and 97+ respectively.

A More Robust Lamp Head 

The 300d Mark II also introduces new design features, while maintaining the same form factor  and lightweight aircraft aluminum body as the original 300d. The new yoke allows for 360° of  rotation, and when combined with the handbrake locking mechanism from the 120d Mark II,  you’ll be able to mount the light in any position, with any modifier.   

A Revolutionary Redesign 

But the real advancement is in the complete redesign of the control box. By utilizing Aputure’s  fan‐less heatsink design, the 300d Mark II’s All‐in‐One control box is now completely silent.  Composed of a durable aluminum alloy, with a new concealed antenna and military‐grade  paracord strap, the control box is ready to withstand the rigor of any film set. The 300d Mark II  control box is also the first product to utilize Aputure’s new quick release plate and clamp  system, allowing you to firmly secure it on any stand, truss, or speed rail.   

Power Solutions for Indie Filmmakers  

The 300d Mark II can produce its maximum output by using two high capacity V‐Mount or Gold  Mount batteries, but it also features new technology that allows you to power the light with a  single battery at up to half output.* You can use this light anywhere your filmmaking takes you.    The included 6m NEUTRIK cable provides the 300d II with a sturdy power connection and  allows you the convenience of not having to grab a stinger to power your light. And now, by  utilizing a standard 3m male‐to‐female 5‐pin XLR, you can easily replace the header cable in a  pinch. An optional 7.5m 5‐pin XLR is also available, letting you keep your control box within  arm’s reach while giving you the ability to rig your light anywhere you want, from a menace  arm to a tall goalpost rig.     

*Due to the high maximum 340‐350W power draw from the light, we recommend only using  batteries that are capable of at least 15‐amp continuous power draw. 

New Control Features 
The control box of the 300d Mark II features 8 built‐in lighting FX: “"Paparazzi", "Spark",  "Lightning", "Faulty Bulb", "TV", "Pulse", "Flash", and "Explosion", with more coming in future  firmware updates via the control boxes USB interface. The control box also features a new  “trigger” button to activate lighting FX instantly.   The long‐awaited 0%‐100% stepless dimming control allows you to use the 300d II in low‐light  environments or to overpower the sun, and can utilize any of 4 different dimming curves:  Linear, Logarithmic, Exponential, and S‐Curve.   The 300d Mark II also features a “studio mode” that allows the lights to turn on and be  controlled immediately upon receiving power, making it perfect for DMX lighting grids. 
More Options for Control 
In addition to the control wheel, the 300d Mark II also features DMX512‐compatibility, a new  2.4Ghz Aputure Wireless remote with an FX toggle button, and the ability to be controlled by  the Sidus Link App using our Bluetooth mesh network protocol. 

Sidus Link App Control 

Featuring all‐new Bluetooth SIG mesh network technology, the 300d Mark II will also the first app‐controllable Aputure lighting fixture.* This technology will allow you to control a 300d Mark II from up to 400 meters away, by linking multiple lights up to 80 meters apart. Using the
Sidus Link app, you’ll be able to access all of the functions of the control box, in addition to being able to save presets, finely tune and trigger additional lighting FX, as well as install firmware updates, all from your smartphone or tablet.

*Support for the Sidus Link app on iPhone, iPad, and Android will be released a varying times throughout 2019.

Redesigned Carrying Case 

We also made the case with grip trucks and run‐and‐gun filmmakers in mind. The new 300d  Mark II carrying case is composed of durable walls with a soft exterior lining that can support up  to 100kg, providing both ample protection and a seat for you on set. The bottom of the case is  also covered with an easy‐to‐clean, slash‐proof material, letting you rest easy, knowing your  300d Mark II will survive any situation you throw at it.  

Multi‐Language Support 

The 300d II control box currently supports English and Chinese menus, with more languages to  come via firmware updates.