Aputure LS C300D LED Head with Light Dome II

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• Over 31000 lm,142000lux@0.5m With Fresnel Mount

 TLCI96, High Color Rendition

 Industrial Standard Mount

 Ultra Silent Fan, Noise Low at 18db

 Dual Power System

100m Wireless Remote Control

 Unique Light-Control Separation Design

Shining bright at 6000K, COB300D casts a powerful light that is both natural looking and pristine in color. The 300d features not only a CRI rating of 95+, but a TLCI rating of over 96+, allowing for extremely precise color accuracy making it perfect for broadcast video, photography, television production, and studio filmmaking.

The cob300d maintains its incredibly high output and color fidelity without any compromise to weight. Though its output is comparable to that of a 2000W tungsten lamp, the cob300d weighs less than a quarter of that. Easily held with one hand, the cob300d weighs just 2.1kg (4.6 lbs) while a 2000W tungsten lamp weighs over 9kg (nearly 20 lbs). The cob 300d also simplifies the once-complicated and heavy process of using light shaping accessories, making it possible to modify your light using just one hand.

Package includes:

1x LS 300D LED Head

1x Light Dome II

1x Control Box

1x AC Power Adapter

1x Standard Reflector

1x Remote Controller

3x Cables 

1x Manual 

1x Carrying Bag