86W Astora PS 1300 Spot LED Light Panel (Battery Powered)

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We released three series of Astora LED Lights, WS 840 (flood lights), PS 1300 (spot lights) and SF (soft lights).

Key Features:

• TLCI 94-98

• Ultra Bright as a portable size light, power is 86.4W

• Can be powered by V-Mount batteries

• Wireless remote control

• Dimmable from 0%~100%, flicker-free. 

• LED heat-free technology assures the stable, consistent and accurate lighting output.

Brightness Matters

In many situations brightness is king. With the Astora Power-Spot you’ll have enough power to bounce or diffuse the light, light at a distance or in bright sunlight.

Powered By Normal V-Mount Batteries

With a power consumption below 86.4W, the Astora Power-Spot can be powered with any normal V-Mount battery and is not restricted to expensive high-current V-Mount batteries.

Ultra Compact Travel Light

The Astora PS 1300 is portable, built to go wherever adventure takes you. Net weight is only 3.4KG. A rock-solid but lightweight metal housing protects the Astora PS on any adventures.

Perfect Color Reproduction

As all Astora lights, the PS 1300 offers pristine color reproduction with a TLCI up to 98 and a CRI up to 97. Apart from all specs the Astora PS 1300 just renders colors accurately and naturally.

Available as pure Daylight and Bi-color model, you can choose between maximum brightness at pure Daylight or ultimate flexibility to match ambient color temperatures quickly and accurately with the Bi-color model.

Wireless Control Built-In

With the integrated wireless control you can easily adjust settings from anywhere, at any time.

Fan-Less Silent Operation

The metal housing of the Astora PS 1300 is designed and optimized for passive cooling through efficient internal airflow as well as acting as a heatsink, to operate fan-less and silent.

 TLCI  94~98
 CRI  93~97
 Color Balance  5600K(1300D), 3200~5600K(1300B)

 1300D: 16629Lux/m

 1300B:7327Lux/m(3200K), 15364Lux/m(4400K),8167Lux/m(5600K)

 LEDs  1296pcs
 Beam Angle  30° 
 Power   86.4W
 Working Voltage  DC 12-24V, AC100V-240V
 DC power plug  XLR-4
 Mounting Option  Mounting Yoke for 5/8" Light Stand Stud
 External Power  V-Mount batteries
 Panel Dimension  16.6 x 17.3 x 3.6 in (42.3 x 44.1 x 9.3cm)
 Light Weight  7 lbs (3.4 kg)

Accessories included:

1x PS 1300 LED Panel
1x 4-Leaf barndoor
1x Remote Controller
1x AC Power Adapter

1x Mounting York