Round Flex X-Bracket Bi-Color LED Light Mat

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The round Flexible LED Light Mat is super bright and versatile. The LED Mat has a broad 120° beam spread for accenting or lighting large areas or groups, with the bonus of natural-looking catchlights. It can be rolled into a tube, or bended or arced into any shape as per your lighting requirements.

It comes with a X-Bracket which features an easy-to-use mounting clip, light stand adapter, an attachable bracket, and adjustable diffusion arms. Durable and flexible design, the aluminum construction provides secure mounting during a long shoot. The included softbox kit and compact size gives photographers and videographers a ready-to-shoot setup and versatile light source.

Key Features:

• CRI/TLCI: 96

• Two Version options: 66W, 150W

• Color temperature adjustable from 2750K~6500K. It's bi-color without the power loss in any color temperature. 

• Can be adjustable via phone with iMagic CCT

• can be mounted on any available surfaces via the hooks and Adhesive paste

• Waterproof to keep working in the rainy day

• Separate LCD screen control box

• Two power supply methods: V-Mount Battery (also can change to power with the NPF Series batteries via our F-V Adapter)or AC Power Adapter. 

• Dimmable from 0%~100%, flicker-free. 

•  X-Bracket to use the fully opened Flexible mat on a light stand or clamped to another object easily

• Bend and roll to variety shapes to create various lighting effects, even in tight corners

• Rugged lightweight build

 Color Balance  2750k ~6500k

 66W: 2190lux/m  150W: 5500lux/m

 Beam Angle  120° 
 Power Draw  66W /150W
 Working Voltage  DC 12V~16V, AC110V-240V
 Panel Dimension  60W: 14.4 inch (36.5cm), 150W: 20.5 inch (52cm)
 Mounting Option  X-Bracket
 External Power  V-mount battery plate
 Light Weight  66W: 2.8 lbs (1.3kg), 150W: 4 lbs (1.8kg)

Accessories included:

1x LED Light Mat

1x Control Box

1x AC Adapter

1x X-Bracket

1x Softbox Kit

1x Carrying Bag