V-Mount Battery Plate with C-Clamp

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V-C Plate
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The plate comes with a C clamp, which is easy to mount on other stands. It comes with a 80cm D-Tap cable (Φ2.5mm). A great accessary as extended power supply. The adapter is also compatible with any other D-Tap cables.  It's very versatile. 

Connect with the included D-Tap to DCΦ2.5mm cable, the V-Mount adapter can be used to power our LED50-56 LED Head, 209 LED, 312 LED, 508 LED, HDV-Z96, 516 LED Light Bar and so on via V-Mount battery, any device with DC2.5 Jack.

Connect with the D-Tap to 4pin XLR Cable, the V-Mount Adapter can be used to power LED Lights with 4pin XLR Jack via V-Mount battery.

Connect with the D-Tap to DCΦ0.7mm cable,, the V-Mount Adapter can work with devices including DC0.7mm ports via V-Mount battery.

Note: the included cable is D-Tap to DCΦ2.5mm.